The Real Meaning of Fashionista


Fashionista is not just about women who like to dress fashionably. But also refers to people who know how to focus on their own selling points, decompose If you want to be one of the fashionista in Thailand Therefore, not only to pick up new clothes trends only, but also have to change their minds from weird ideas Hereinafter

  1. Hard, full, is beautiful I doubt there might be a bootleg teacher who pretends to be a fashion guru. To teach you to fade between beauty and Ligaylongrong True beauties don’t have to wave every makeup on their faces. But you need to know how to choose only those items that are suitable for yourself, for example, if you have just made an ID card for less than 3 years, the surface is still shiny. Foundation is considered a surplus of life, including the red lipstick. Thick false eyelashes is a big bag that will increase the brilliance to make you look older immediately 10 years full of hard work does not make all women beautiful. If not going to a night-time event, all makeup items should be placed and divided by two That’s the amount of makeup that fits the teenage girls like us.
  2. Trendy colors are national colors Suppose that fashion is currently popular with bright colors. As if wrapped silk around the banyan I have to ask myself the color of my skin first, if black is a water crow like us, will you be able to wear it? Even white people will be divided into yellowish white, pinkish white or dark skin people will have a dark honey-colored skin. Or as sharp as coffee without milk A real fashionista has to find a color that matches his skin tone as a selling point. And then turn to another color Not wearing anything that fashion trends define. Even though it makes your skin look super luster
  3. Nail painting is the answer. Fashion nail art is not the answer to every outfit. Even if it makes you look playful without wearing clothes. (But please put it on her), but for dressing that hopes to result in employment Or want to look professional Roses putty nails throughout the garden Mao Phet Sampeng came all the way. Will make your professionalism completely extinguished, the end of the future immediately Including a costume with a buzz pattern that offends her mother If the outfit is strong, the nails should be a plain color that looks comfortable on the eyes so that they do not cause a lot of scrambling and a pretty mess.

4.Bohemian was not born to lose. Even though the bohemian clothing that follows ‘Yaya’ is born at this moment, it is extremely booming. Until your dignity, your fashionista, must be dull if not worn But this type of clothing is not suitable for tall, unlucky women. Because this type of dress has no shape Focus on the length of the skirt as the main when meeting a small woman. Therefore like putting a curtain on Make it look shaggy And also risks walking on the head as well A real fashionista must have basic mathematical knowledge. At least you have to calculate how many meters of your height, add, subtract, and add fabric, width times length times height. Even if it looks good, not too tight or too puffed up

  1. I’m black, not me. Thai women have black hair as a unique identity. But when the fashion hair color crosses the sea and arrives at Suvarnabhumi, all the girls go to change their hair color. Actually, new hair colors Will help you dress more fun But for people with fashionista stickers on their foreheads Choosing a hair color to suit your skin and the environment It’s a topic that needs to be mindful before starting. Because some hair colors can make your face look sick at all. Especially the glittering gold color This color can only be produced on the catwalk. But when you take it down to the street, it will give you a pale skin, sickness, stranger, or look like a mascot who can’t find its way to the stadium.