40 Super Cute Summer Nail Color Ideas Year 2019

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Having a beautiful and cute nails is one of every woman’s dream. It is a special attraction. Basic manicure is usually a pastel and black color, and it’s perfect for the daily especially in the spring, winter, and rain. But if you get bored with that you need to try something different basic manicure colors in the summer like red, dark blue, fuchsia, gold, and many more. That’ll make a great impression on your summer look! The thing you can do is shape your nails perfectly and don’t forget to prepare the tool and the nail polish you will use!

You could try design a watermelon on some of your nails. Draw the watermelon shape in red, green, and black colors. That won’t bore you quickly! You can also combine patterns and colors to make some unique design and you can’t mess this up. If you like animals you can draw some skin of cow or fish, it can make your nails look more stunning! Ah! Pizza nails. You must to try this one because if you’re a food fan you’ll be very happy with this one! Who could resist such a delicious design of pizza? You can also design other food than pizza, such as noodle or bread maybe? The tips is when you draw it you mush be careful! So who feeling excited in the summer of this time?! Good luck!

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