35 Most Amazing Summer Nail Color 2019

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Summer is the time when women like to relax by the pool, obtain their tan and possess the hottest summer fits. It is the time when women like to look amazing and show off their best selves to the world. They flaunt what they call a summer body and spend more efforts to look better than ever. Nails play an important role on women’s looks. On a summer time, more women are getting their nails done to complement their looks. This means that having the perfect amazing nails for the summer are somewhat essential for some women. In fact, choosing the perfect colour and design for your nails that would go along perfectly with your outfit is very important! Matching your skin colour and the colour of the nails are also needed to achieve that perfect look.

Bright nail colours like orange and red are such good choices if your summer outfits are more neutral, or a monochrome. Pairing bright red bikinis with bright red nails may be an option if you’re confident enough to look that bold in the scorching heat of the summer. So if you’re not into that, you should stick with neutral outfit colours to go along with your bright coloured nails. On the other hand, monochrome nail colours are not to be paired with neutral outfit colours unless you want to look pale and boring. You may think that black nails would go perfectly with any color. Wrong! Black nails paired with neutral colours-except white would definitely make you look gloomy and kind of depressing. Summer is all about colours and fun! So definitely ditch black and stick with bright, or pastel coloured nails!

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