Get to know Fashion

get to know fashion

What is the article about Fashion? Here comes the concept Fashion context perspective Of people who don’t know fashion, come the power and power of the word fashion, which can be both the creator and the destroyer of the same old image. At the same time With economic system impact And others in this era Even though that person is at the same point At the same time, I never saw things both tangled and tasted the same.

Even if you’ve read This definition of fashion from wiki, or fashion designers, has come in every age. The following article It may not be a good reference, but it is what authors tend to reply to. Some business owners When unable to remember that How to increase sales? Which the answer is usually like “Make it fashionable”

Fashion is a tangible thing. And intangible Causing common tastes The acceptance of a small and large society in a short time. What did you pick up this It must answer To show something, it may be a status or something that you have a feeling of relief Symptoms are absent.

Fashion is not limited to a specific area. Costumes and decorations Behavior such as buying a big house. Going to the spa salon, play twitter + facebook. According to politicians, it is fashion when there are more and more people with the shoulder to follow.

Fashion can be taken seriously. In an open society Have facilitated communication As a distribution channel That caused the imitation In which the world of seeking Consumers with high purchasing power They often choose to use products and lifestyle as models. People use different behaviors. Another level of collision Fill what you want It may be used as a (fake) social promotion tool with the belief that oneself Is more acceptable Which we often see The popularity of using Bernd-name products, high-tech products that want to state their status as modern, etc. Which at present Can see even those adults who They tend to behave like Adolescence. There are a lot of them, even though they can be drawn. The extended properties of this word may also describe medicinal abilities. The word fashion. Not complete

Therefore, by combining various things and practices Will be born into fashion Would have a component
Accepted in society
There are strong prototypes, there are media, there are imitations. Follow as a group Either from a trickle-down effect, or being born in the same social class, if it is accepted (Bottom-up Theory), such as teddy boys in England [there are other theories. You only know this before… confused.]
Formed and faded for a short time (typically less than 100 years), acting like a fashion boomerang.

What is the self-contained clip that answers the fashion problem? Turning it on and watching it again before bed should give you a strategy to fight. In the manufacturer Can some fashion items !!

What is the function of fashion?
The function of “fashion” is to bore the human being in the things that are familiar with the new. Along with creating an attitude of appreciation and acceptance

Fashion acts as both a saint and a devil at the same time. A builder-destroyer So how is it useful? You can try to think about it like this, for example, just about the clothes around here. If everyone He wears cotton shorts, and a hat is the usual but fashionable, long linen clothing. Plus there is a decoration over there It was widely accepted.

Industry and workers with stakeholders Is a component of Long leg fashion Will receive an expression as wages And full profits during that time, such as farmers who produce raw materials Fabric factory Which has money to hire more workers, seamstresses, shops and vendors Will have more income But factories and shops that sell hats May have to dissolve Which may say that fashion is a mechanism that helps Birth of employment – employment termination Money circulation Social, super fast Create wealth For fashion prototypes more than anyone else The share is according to the society of that place.

Fashion and innovation
In view, the authors (babyBride) are likely to be different. Fashion doesn’t have to be an innovative idea or style, it’s innovation. Even uproot and clone old things Original items that used to be obsolete If making it a hot hit Come back, it’s a fashion, so the Thai style that is close to fashion is probably the word popular.

In what dimensions is fashion different from technology?
Fashion is born and goes out Alternating back and forth, if you look at it like using a car, you will see that fashion is a running car that uses gas and the driver. When the oil ran out, it stopped. And when the car is needed again You add gas when someone comes to drive. The car can run. Fashion is just as simple as that.

In terms of frequency, it has been reused over and over again, maybe two years, five years, or something just quits going crazy.

But technology When there is a better technology More responsive than it was born, hit, hit, then quit, such as using floppy disk technology when there was boxing instead. Like the hard disk technology emerging Come to see in the market The floppy disk is rarely used. Will gradually reduce Until it was hard to find and eventually disappeared When comparing the difference

Change Using fashion as a general Therefore easier to do New innovation Very new technology Which in today’s society Expert marketer And fashion designers such as wearing apparel To reduce the time to stimulate More fashion consumption Because of the accelerated consumption

For the prosperity of the economy, such as having summer clothes Winter clothes, etc. As for some lovely stories. That the author sees as a fashion as well.

Where celebrities and social famous people Show empathy And to express concern for those in need actively support the donation When various dangers occur Could call it Fashion trends, thinking like a new generation Traditional Thai roots That we have forgotten Which fashion is praised by this line Created you infinite, didn’t you? If accepted and imitated, help a lot of Thai people and friends in other cities

Business in the present, every occupation may say that if the operator Understand the meaning of the fashion process (fashion relies on media But every advertising job does not have to create a fashion) find possibilities. And then apply it into business Regardless of restaurants, department stores, and doctors’ clinics Will be able to transform At quite a variety of points If you choose to use and understand the effect of that fashion seriously

Highlight selection Consider weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles (SWOT). Think win-win. And take advantage of their team to lead the corporate culture Which is a strong point Fill the missing consumer Until becoming a new fashion for customers Surely can generate profit And always have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Not sitting in a fantastical dream, but looking at our restaurant The product we give it a bear. Because it is more difficult Creating a lot of fashion and innovation

What is the concept of fashion? You can have some ideas for further searching. Create a dream process New service That will lead to an interesting fashion. Or what are you to society All Credits Give to books Which is very difficult to read, the bottom book is another book That the author likes but doesn’t have to read And I know that it is extremely difficult to compile things with physical strength, if it goes wrong, it would be the author’s point of view. In thinking for it Sales