Autumn Winter 2020 Fashion

winter autumn fashion

The cool breeze has begun to blow to Bangkok some morning. Whether we will experience cold weather or not But what is more certain than the weather is the season of fashion that always comes to mind. Brands have released seasonal collections. Au-tumn / Winter 2019 has come out a lot, which “Dlife-Prachachat Business” we have gathered to see together in one place. Both clothing and accessories, what brands have come out

ASV brings out the color and charm of India.

If talking about girls ASV (SV) in addition to being a modern woman The first thing that comes to mind is the passion for traveling. The destination of this trip is India, a country full of color and charm of culture and art.

An ASV woman picks up the things she has encountered perfectly in her life. Born into urban casual clothing, ASV women’s personality and Indian vibe. It has been reinterpreted and presented through a selection of frames. For example, the sari is converted into a jumper suit and dress with veil-like wrapping details. Which can be wrapped around the neck to give a touch of India in a modern style that is different from the original.

ASAVA Autumn / Winter 2019 Reflects your inner self

ASAVA’s Autumn / Winter 2019 collection (Asawa) was born from the point of view that An exciting dress story or story is no longer the answer. The same is true for fashion trends that are no longer necessary. But what people look for are things that reflect themselves and meet their lifestyles. Human beings are not divided by external criteria or definition. But what sets it apart is the very essence of life that reflects self and inner grace.

The collection’s silhouette continues to feature in the perfect blend of contemporary and classic. By fusing the brand’s signature with a never-before-seen frame.

PITCHANA Alpha Female

PITCHANA (Peach Na) released a collection called Alpha Female, inspired by the character of a modern woman, strong and confident. And full of taste Which is transmitted through the details of the unique design of the brand Combined with exquisite sewing by a technician at the level of Coutulier

The collection consists of a key flare day dress in bright colors, short cocktail dress, elegant black key flare, white long sleeve pant suit. And a black suit key The body of the suit is fitted with black fluff ostrich feathers on both sides of the sleeve. Wearing cool but hiding feminine Suitable for upscale parties

NICHA Beauty of Architecture and Natural Forms

NICHA (Nicha) released the Tropical City collection, highlighting the beauty that harmonizes the harmony between the strong structure of human-made architecture and the beauty of the free form created by nature. Like the ivy that lives on the building These beauties are the main inspiration for creating clothes. It is portrayed through the outfit’s silhouette on the design lines that perfectly accentuate the wearer’s curves. While reflecting its uniqueness through the elaborate use of lace, embroidered and tie-dye work. Including watercolor prints that flow freely according to the fabric Which is the signature of the season

BALLY relive the memories of winter travel.

BALLY (BALLY), a luxury Swiss leather brand. With over 168 years of fashion experience, the Peak Outlook collection is inspired by heritage.

Of Switzerland Through a modern perspective related to the way of life amid the mountains full of beautiful mountain views, the 1955 Mountain Peak motif from Bally’s logo is at the heart.

Colors are the main ingredient in this collection. There are also patterns inspired by a photograph by Norwegian photographer Jarle Hagen. Bally’s creative team interprets these photographs as a reminiscent of the sports outdoor lifestyle of the 1990s and memories of their winter travels with friends.

MIKIMOTO selects beautiful pieces for the Autumn & Winter 2019 collection.

MIKIMOTO (Mikimoto), Japan’s leading pearl jewelry brand. Has selected beautiful pearl jewelry from various collections created delicately Featured in the Autumn & Winter 2019 collection, the Les Petales Place de Ginza Collection pearl necklaces and bracelets are inspired by subtle pink petals. And swaying like dancing in Ginza The pearl necklaces and bracelets from the Les Petales Place Vendome Collection are inspired by the fluttering rose petals before they landed in the Vendome district in Paris, created by craftsmen. To stand out with beautiful diamond decorations And arranged interspersed with the south sea pearl

PANDORA Wonderland seeks self-reflection.

PANDORA (Pandora), a famous Danish jewelry brand. Presenting the collection Autumn / Winter 2019 is under the theme of Wonderland, which is designed to inspire women in pursuit of all their aspirations that reflect their individuality. And inspire us to tell stories in their own style

In this collection, PANDORA presents the latest Pandora O Pendant design that represents a brand new dimension. Made from a variety of materials including sterling silver, Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine, it can be adjusted to decorate a bag or belt. No longer attached, just insert the charm to the bracelet. Increase the freedom to express yourself creatively And can be worn on any occasion of every day