16 Fashions that men should avoid

men fashion

Let’s ask Moy, a light Thai man with fashion dress. That you guys often think are cool But, in the eyes of the opposite sex, the feeling is extremely awkward and secretly haunted. Even though it’s ‘style’, we female would like to tell you not to wear it off.

What kind of glamorous fashion will there be? Darn seen by women Let’s go see

  1. Hanging Monk

Fashion in the era of grandfather, grandfather, it still exists today. There are a lot of hanging monks to hold the mind. And they are often hung in a shirt. But those who like to bring the necklace out of their clothes It looks like a show off.

  1. Streak for life

Whether it is a turban with a cloth Or bring a cloth to wrap his head A military coat or jeans that indicates a life for life. In a certain age, it looked cool. But in this era It has become old-fashioned.

3.Tattoo armband

Is not daring to get a tattoo on the skin Or wear it to prevent the heat from being afraid of black skin, it depends But I would like to say with good hope that Women saw it, it was so funny and silly.

  1. Wear a vest

Some men like to wear a vest over a shirt. Or another t-shirt Um… sometimes it’s like a motorcycle in front of the alley too.

  1. Wear a belt to put on the phone case – tablet

It looks very ancient. For the mobile phone case and then put it on the belt Plus some people stick their tablets or hold their iPads and keep their social world updated.

Oh, I see and I’m exhausted.

  1. Harem pants

I can’t help but laugh. With harem pants Or an aladdin Not pants Will not really wear a skirt Or normal Dave legs It’s cool.

  1. Hair color pain.

Women with intense hair color look normal. Look sour But if it’s a man, do this It will look too manly to Nissun

  1. Korean

Dressing in a Korean boy band style that often looks unkempt, wearing a hat, a scarf, a coat called a full face clothing. It doesn’t look very manly. Female, we would like to bye with this fashion.

  1. Wear black glasses all the time.

It’s normal to wear dark glasses to protect against UV rays, walking outdoors. And no one is talking about it But if you wear dark glasses to a pub at night or walk into a mall in the shade, then We will know immediately that you are not confident and you are afraid to look in the eyes of anyone!

  1. Jeans Bib

Wearing a bib for men doesn’t look younger. But it makes your personality look manly, unstable, and showy.

11.Fold the trouser legs

We women tend to think that Men who fold pants like this It’s a deer.

  1. Wear the H belt, brand-name, head to toe.

Belt in the shape of the letter H or will be the letter that indicates various brands That some men like to wear, it looks a bit showy. Put a coat down to cover the belt, it will still look cooler.


These days, there are a lot of men wearing hipsters. People who like to behave differently from most people in society. Looks like a child. Like cycling Take a photo on facebook Or Instagram in posture and cool lifestyle Which sometimes we women can not resist

More often Constantly tightened, er, I wanted to vomit.

  1. Put on the mammoth gold.

Can tell in short sentences That you show off your wealth

  1. Wear a captain’s hat.

Wearing a captain style hat is more funny than cool. Say it.

The more you wear every day is your own logo. We have seen it and are still bored.

16.Wear a tank top inside the shirt.

Do you know that when you sweat a tank top it gets wet with sweat, we can clearly see that You put the shirt over the tank again. I saw it instead. Put on one shirt, man, but eh, or do men, they have to wear a shirt over it because they are afraid of their nipples.

Autumn Winter 2020 Fashion

winter autumn fashion

The cool breeze has begun to blow to Bangkok some morning. Whether we will experience cold weather or not But what is more certain than the weather is the season of fashion that always comes to mind. Brands have released seasonal collections. Au-tumn / Winter 2019 has come out a lot, which “Dlife-Prachachat Business” we have gathered to see together in one place. Both clothing and accessories, what brands have come out

ASV brings out the color and charm of India.

If talking about girls ASV (SV) in addition to being a modern woman The first thing that comes to mind is the passion for traveling. The destination of this trip is India, a country full of color and charm of culture and art.

An ASV woman picks up the things she has encountered perfectly in her life. Born into urban casual clothing, ASV women’s personality and Indian vibe. It has been reinterpreted and presented through a selection of frames. For example, the sari is converted into a jumper suit and dress with veil-like wrapping details. Which can be wrapped around the neck to give a touch of India in a modern style that is different from the original.

ASAVA Autumn / Winter 2019 Reflects your inner self

ASAVA’s Autumn / Winter 2019 collection (Asawa) was born from the point of view that An exciting dress story or story is no longer the answer. The same is true for fashion trends that are no longer necessary. But what people look for are things that reflect themselves and meet their lifestyles. Human beings are not divided by external criteria or definition. But what sets it apart is the very essence of life that reflects self and inner grace.

The collection’s silhouette continues to feature in the perfect blend of contemporary and classic. By fusing the brand’s signature with a never-before-seen frame.

PITCHANA Alpha Female

PITCHANA (Peach Na) released a collection called Alpha Female, inspired by the character of a modern woman, strong and confident. And full of taste Which is transmitted through the details of the unique design of the brand Combined with exquisite sewing by a technician at the level of Coutulier

The collection consists of a key flare day dress in bright colors, short cocktail dress, elegant black key flare, white long sleeve pant suit. And a black suit key The body of the suit is fitted with black fluff ostrich feathers on both sides of the sleeve. Wearing cool but hiding feminine Suitable for upscale parties

NICHA Beauty of Architecture and Natural Forms

NICHA (Nicha) released the Tropical City collection, highlighting the beauty that harmonizes the harmony between the strong structure of human-made architecture and the beauty of the free form created by nature. Like the ivy that lives on the building These beauties are the main inspiration for creating clothes. It is portrayed through the outfit’s silhouette on the design lines that perfectly accentuate the wearer’s curves. While reflecting its uniqueness through the elaborate use of lace, embroidered and tie-dye work. Including watercolor prints that flow freely according to the fabric Which is the signature of the season

BALLY relive the memories of winter travel.

BALLY (BALLY), a luxury Swiss leather brand. With over 168 years of fashion experience, the Peak Outlook collection is inspired by heritage.

Of Switzerland Through a modern perspective related to the way of life amid the mountains full of beautiful mountain views, the 1955 Mountain Peak motif from Bally’s logo is at the heart.

Colors are the main ingredient in this collection. There are also patterns inspired by a photograph by Norwegian photographer Jarle Hagen. Bally’s creative team interprets these photographs as a reminiscent of the sports outdoor lifestyle of the 1990s and memories of their winter travels with friends.

MIKIMOTO selects beautiful pieces for the Autumn & Winter 2019 collection.

MIKIMOTO (Mikimoto), Japan’s leading pearl jewelry brand. Has selected beautiful pearl jewelry from various collections created delicately Featured in the Autumn & Winter 2019 collection, the Les Petales Place de Ginza Collection pearl necklaces and bracelets are inspired by subtle pink petals. And swaying like dancing in Ginza The pearl necklaces and bracelets from the Les Petales Place Vendome Collection are inspired by the fluttering rose petals before they landed in the Vendome district in Paris, created by craftsmen. To stand out with beautiful diamond decorations And arranged interspersed with the south sea pearl

PANDORA Wonderland seeks self-reflection.

PANDORA (Pandora), a famous Danish jewelry brand. Presenting the collection Autumn / Winter 2019 is under the theme of Wonderland, which is designed to inspire women in pursuit of all their aspirations that reflect their individuality. And inspire us to tell stories in their own style

In this collection, PANDORA presents the latest Pandora O Pendant design that represents a brand new dimension. Made from a variety of materials including sterling silver, Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine, it can be adjusted to decorate a bag or belt. No longer attached, just insert the charm to the bracelet. Increase the freedom to express yourself creatively And can be worn on any occasion of every day

10 Famous Items for Winter

winter fashion

Into the end of the year when the wind is cold again, who has any plans to tour Europe ..?! Is another very pleasant time For visiting Europe in winter, as many places will look especially beautiful. In addition, the weather is still cold. Or sometimes there is snow Say that the atmosphere is good. Spectacular, your girlfriend goes to the extreme. Or you can go out with your family And in this cold weather, who still does not prepare the right clothes for how to dress? Today Mushroom Mushroom Travel has a European winter fashion with 10 popular cold-resistant items to recommend. Let’s go see !!

Before going to see European winter fashions, let’s collect a little information for winter in Europe. Will start from Early December – early March In which the weather is very cold Temperatures range from -2 to 5 degrees Celsius, with some cloudy days and some snow. Including during this time the sun will rise slowly and set quickly Resulting in shorter daytime periods than other seasons Which in addition to the cold weather As the elder mushroom said that many Places in this period will look especially beautiful. That is because it is decorated and decorated with beautiful lights. To match with Christmas and New Year itself. Beautiful as seen in the movie anyway.

Then go see Winter fashion is better. Pee Mushroom has 10 items that should be worn to be chic and cool and also help keep your body warm.

1.Long Coat / Down Jacket

The important things that can not live without time. Winter travel, that is, a sweater. Even if you go on a tour of Europe during very low to negative temperatures, the sweater will save your life as well. If the day is not very cold, I will choose a thick wool long coat. Or lining the fur inside Will help keep warm from the body to the thighs Then put on a 2-3 layers of HEATTECH sweater inside, or if the weather is cold to negative, you should wear it. A down jacket or down jacket that will provide better protection from the cold. It also helps to prevent the wind as well. Who wants to dress to match European winter fashion, Mushroom elder recommends choosing an earth-tone clothing line, such as dark brown, light brown, cream, gray or dark tones like navy and black.

  1. Jacket

On days that are not very cold, anyone who doesn’t like long coats can wear them as a jacket. But recommended to be a winter coat with a fur inside Or as a whole fur Will help to add warmth better Also, don’t forget to wear several layers of innerwear like this, too, and it looks chic and looks great with fashion style.

  1. Long Jon dress

Cr. my.carousell.com
The longjon is another essential piece of winter wear that keeps you warm. Especially in negative air It is like a bra that is worn before a normal dress. For a longjon set, it is a good winter fabric. Including having a lining inside both shirts and pants I assure you that you will definitely wear Long John in warm.

  1. A sweater

Anyone who wants a cute look, choose to wear it as a sweater or sweater, it is another item. The indispensable winter fashion in Europe. With soft touch Of yarn that keeps us warm Choose from both turtlenecks Or oversize It is recommended that you wear a HEATTECH shirt inside as well.

5.Legging / tights

If the weather is not very cold Wearing thick pants It may feel a bit uncomfortable. Choose a leggings or tights instead. Now there are many styles to choose from. Also, the leggings have beautiful patterns as well.

  1. Beret / Beanie

Coming to the items that help prevent the cold and also help complete our look even better: hats such as chic berets or cute beanie hats. Some people might think it’s just fashion, but it’s really important to keep your head warm as well, and it helps keep out the rain. Or snow too

  1. Scarf

Another important part of your body that should be kept warm is the neck. There is a beautiful scarf in addition to the look. Our European winter fashion looks better now. It also makes you feel more warm But if anyone is worried that the scarf will be too cluttered when traveling Then chose a small piece Or a short fur To have a button attached when wrapped around the neck Will help prevent it from sliding easily

  1. Earmuffs

Many of you may have seen it in K-dramas in the cold time. They will wear ear muffs. Which sometimes thinks that it is just like wearing a fashion or not, but I can tell you that when traveling in a very negative weather. The earmuffs are the most important items. Because the weather is very cold The cold may make us feel so cold that our ears ache anyway. There is an ear cap to assure that it helps a lot.

  1. Gloves

Time in a very cold place Should keep our hands warm all the time With gloves There are both yarn and leather because in cold weather our hands will dry. And felt his hands frozen cold It is difficult to handle anything. For those who are worried that wearing gloves will not be able to touch the mobile screen Now he has a pair of gloves that he wears and can still touch the screen normally. Try to go find and buy together.

  1. Boots

Finish with a pair of boots that, in addition to wearing, look like The winter fashion is also very warm. Especially long boots that cover the knees or thighs Will make our legs more warm It is beautiful and very useful.

The Real Meaning of Fashionista


Fashionista is not just about women who like to dress fashionably. But also refers to people who know how to focus on their own selling points, decompose If you want to be one of the fashionista in Thailand Therefore, not only to pick up new clothes trends only, but also have to change their minds from weird ideas Hereinafter

  1. Hard, full, is beautiful I doubt there might be a bootleg teacher who pretends to be a fashion guru. To teach you to fade between beauty and Ligaylongrong True beauties don’t have to wave every makeup on their faces. But you need to know how to choose only those items that are suitable for yourself, for example, if you have just made an ID card for less than 3 years, the surface is still shiny. Foundation is considered a surplus of life, including the red lipstick. Thick false eyelashes is a big bag that will increase the brilliance to make you look older immediately 10 years full of hard work does not make all women beautiful. If not going to a night-time event, all makeup items should be placed and divided by two That’s the amount of makeup that fits the teenage girls like us.
  2. Trendy colors are national colors Suppose that fashion is currently popular with bright colors. As if wrapped silk around the banyan I have to ask myself the color of my skin first, if black is a water crow like us, will you be able to wear it? Even white people will be divided into yellowish white, pinkish white or dark skin people will have a dark honey-colored skin. Or as sharp as coffee without milk A real fashionista has to find a color that matches his skin tone as a selling point. And then turn to another color Not wearing anything that fashion trends define. Even though it makes your skin look super luster
  3. Nail painting is the answer. Fashion nail art is not the answer to every outfit. Even if it makes you look playful without wearing clothes. (But please put it on her), but for dressing that hopes to result in employment Or want to look professional Roses putty nails throughout the garden Mao Phet Sampeng came all the way. Will make your professionalism completely extinguished, the end of the future immediately Including a costume with a buzz pattern that offends her mother If the outfit is strong, the nails should be a plain color that looks comfortable on the eyes so that they do not cause a lot of scrambling and a pretty mess.

4.Bohemian was not born to lose. Even though the bohemian clothing that follows ‘Yaya’ is born at this moment, it is extremely booming. Until your dignity, your fashionista, must be dull if not worn But this type of clothing is not suitable for tall, unlucky women. Because this type of dress has no shape Focus on the length of the skirt as the main when meeting a small woman. Therefore like putting a curtain on Make it look shaggy And also risks walking on the head as well A real fashionista must have basic mathematical knowledge. At least you have to calculate how many meters of your height, add, subtract, and add fabric, width times length times height. Even if it looks good, not too tight or too puffed up

  1. I’m black, not me. Thai women have black hair as a unique identity. But when the fashion hair color crosses the sea and arrives at Suvarnabhumi, all the girls go to change their hair color. Actually, new hair colors Will help you dress more fun But for people with fashionista stickers on their foreheads Choosing a hair color to suit your skin and the environment It’s a topic that needs to be mindful before starting. Because some hair colors can make your face look sick at all. Especially the glittering gold color This color can only be produced on the catwalk. But when you take it down to the street, it will give you a pale skin, sickness, stranger, or look like a mascot who can’t find its way to the stadium.

Get to know Fashion

get to know fashion

What is the article about Fashion? Here comes the concept Fashion context perspective Of people who don’t know fashion, come the power and power of the word fashion, which can be both the creator and the destroyer of the same old image. At the same time With economic system impact And others in this era Even though that person is at the same point At the same time, I never saw things both tangled and tasted the same.

Even if you’ve read This definition of fashion from wiki, or fashion designers, has come in every age. The following article It may not be a good reference, but it is what authors tend to reply to. Some business owners When unable to remember that How to increase sales? Which the answer is usually like “Make it fashionable”

Fashion is a tangible thing. And intangible Causing common tastes The acceptance of a small and large society in a short time. What did you pick up this It must answer To show something, it may be a status or something that you have a feeling of relief Symptoms are absent.

Fashion is not limited to a specific area. Costumes and decorations Behavior such as buying a big house. Going to the spa salon, play twitter + facebook. According to politicians, it is fashion when there are more and more people with the shoulder to follow.

Fashion can be taken seriously. In an open society Have facilitated communication As a distribution channel That caused the imitation In which the world of seeking Consumers with high purchasing power They often choose to use products and lifestyle as models. People use different behaviors. Another level of collision Fill what you want It may be used as a (fake) social promotion tool with the belief that oneself Is more acceptable Which we often see The popularity of using Bernd-name products, high-tech products that want to state their status as modern, etc. Which at present Can see even those adults who They tend to behave like Adolescence. There are a lot of them, even though they can be drawn. The extended properties of this word may also describe medicinal abilities. The word fashion. Not complete

Therefore, by combining various things and practices Will be born into fashion Would have a component
Accepted in society
There are strong prototypes, there are media, there are imitations. Follow as a group Either from a trickle-down effect, or being born in the same social class, if it is accepted (Bottom-up Theory), such as teddy boys in England [there are other theories. You only know this before… confused.]
Formed and faded for a short time (typically less than 100 years), acting like a fashion boomerang.

What is the self-contained clip that answers the fashion problem? Turning it on and watching it again before bed should give you a strategy to fight. In the manufacturer Can some fashion items !!

What is the function of fashion?
The function of “fashion” is to bore the human being in the things that are familiar with the new. Along with creating an attitude of appreciation and acceptance

Fashion acts as both a saint and a devil at the same time. A builder-destroyer So how is it useful? You can try to think about it like this, for example, just about the clothes around here. If everyone He wears cotton shorts, and a hat is the usual but fashionable, long linen clothing. Plus there is a decoration over there It was widely accepted.

Industry and workers with stakeholders Is a component of Long leg fashion Will receive an expression as wages And full profits during that time, such as farmers who produce raw materials Fabric factory Which has money to hire more workers, seamstresses, shops and vendors Will have more income But factories and shops that sell hats May have to dissolve Which may say that fashion is a mechanism that helps Birth of employment – employment termination Money circulation Social, super fast Create wealth For fashion prototypes more than anyone else The share is according to the society of that place.

Fashion and innovation
In view, the authors (babyBride) are likely to be different. Fashion doesn’t have to be an innovative idea or style, it’s innovation. Even uproot and clone old things Original items that used to be obsolete If making it a hot hit Come back, it’s a fashion, so the Thai style that is close to fashion is probably the word popular.

In what dimensions is fashion different from technology?
Fashion is born and goes out Alternating back and forth, if you look at it like using a car, you will see that fashion is a running car that uses gas and the driver. When the oil ran out, it stopped. And when the car is needed again You add gas when someone comes to drive. The car can run. Fashion is just as simple as that.

In terms of frequency, it has been reused over and over again, maybe two years, five years, or something just quits going crazy.

But technology When there is a better technology More responsive than it was born, hit, hit, then quit, such as using floppy disk technology when there was boxing instead. Like the hard disk technology emerging Come to see in the market The floppy disk is rarely used. Will gradually reduce Until it was hard to find and eventually disappeared When comparing the difference

Change Using fashion as a general Therefore easier to do New innovation Very new technology Which in today’s society Expert marketer And fashion designers such as wearing apparel To reduce the time to stimulate More fashion consumption Because of the accelerated consumption

For the prosperity of the economy, such as having summer clothes Winter clothes, etc. As for some lovely stories. That the author sees as a fashion as well.

Where celebrities and social famous people Show empathy And to express concern for those in need actively support the donation When various dangers occur Could call it Fashion trends, thinking like a new generation Traditional Thai roots That we have forgotten Which fashion is praised by this line Created you infinite, didn’t you? If accepted and imitated, help a lot of Thai people and friends in other cities

Business in the present, every occupation may say that if the operator Understand the meaning of the fashion process (fashion relies on media But every advertising job does not have to create a fashion) find possibilities. And then apply it into business Regardless of restaurants, department stores, and doctors’ clinics Will be able to transform At quite a variety of points If you choose to use and understand the effect of that fashion seriously

Highlight selection Consider weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles (SWOT). Think win-win. And take advantage of their team to lead the corporate culture Which is a strong point Fill the missing consumer Until becoming a new fashion for customers Surely can generate profit And always have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Not sitting in a fantastical dream, but looking at our restaurant The product we give it a bear. Because it is more difficult Creating a lot of fashion and innovation

What is the concept of fashion? You can have some ideas for further searching. Create a dream process New service That will lead to an interesting fashion. Or what are you to society All Credits Give to books Which is very difficult to read, the bottom book is another book That the author likes but doesn’t have to read And I know that it is extremely difficult to compile things with physical strength, if it goes wrong, it would be the author’s point of view. In thinking for it Sales