16 Fashions that men should avoid

men fashion

Let’s ask Moy, a light Thai man with fashion dress. That you guys often think are cool But, in the eyes of the opposite sex, the feeling is extremely awkward and secretly haunted. Even though it’s ‘style’, we female would like to tell you not to wear it off.

What kind of glamorous fashion will there be? Darn seen by women Let’s go see

  1. Hanging Monk

Fashion in the era of grandfather, grandfather, it still exists today. There are a lot of hanging monks to hold the mind. And they are often hung in a shirt. But those who like to bring the necklace out of their clothes It looks like a show off.

  1. Streak for life

Whether it is a turban with a cloth Or bring a cloth to wrap his head A military coat or jeans that indicates a life for life. In a certain age, it looked cool. But in this era It has become old-fashioned.

3.Tattoo armband

Is not daring to get a tattoo on the skin Or wear it to prevent the heat from being afraid of black skin, it depends But I would like to say with good hope that Women saw it, it was so funny and silly.

  1. Wear a vest

Some men like to wear a vest over a shirt. Or another t-shirt Um… sometimes it’s like a motorcycle in front of the alley too.

  1. Wear a belt to put on the phone case – tablet

It looks very ancient. For the mobile phone case and then put it on the belt Plus some people stick their tablets or hold their iPads and keep their social world updated.

Oh, I see and I’m exhausted.

  1. Harem pants

I can’t help but laugh. With harem pants Or an aladdin Not pants Will not really wear a skirt Or normal Dave legs It’s cool.

  1. Hair color pain.

Women with intense hair color look normal. Look sour But if it’s a man, do this It will look too manly to Nissun

  1. Korean

Dressing in a Korean boy band style that often looks unkempt, wearing a hat, a scarf, a coat called a full face clothing. It doesn’t look very manly. Female, we would like to bye with this fashion.

  1. Wear black glasses all the time.

It’s normal to wear dark glasses to protect against UV rays, walking outdoors. And no one is talking about it But if you wear dark glasses to a pub at night or walk into a mall in the shade, then We will know immediately that you are not confident and you are afraid to look in the eyes of anyone!

  1. Jeans Bib

Wearing a bib for men doesn’t look younger. But it makes your personality look manly, unstable, and showy.

11.Fold the trouser legs

We women tend to think that Men who fold pants like this It’s a deer.

  1. Wear the H belt, brand-name, head to toe.

Belt in the shape of the letter H or will be the letter that indicates various brands That some men like to wear, it looks a bit showy. Put a coat down to cover the belt, it will still look cooler.


These days, there are a lot of men wearing hipsters. People who like to behave differently from most people in society. Looks like a child. Like cycling Take a photo on facebook Or Instagram in posture and cool lifestyle Which sometimes we women can not resist

More often Constantly tightened, er, I wanted to vomit.

  1. Put on the mammoth gold.

Can tell in short sentences That you show off your wealth

  1. Wear a captain’s hat.

Wearing a captain style hat is more funny than cool. Say it.

The more you wear every day is your own logo. We have seen it and are still bored.

16.Wear a tank top inside the shirt.

Do you know that when you sweat a tank top it gets wet with sweat, we can clearly see that You put the shirt over the tank again. I saw it instead. Put on one shirt, man, but eh, or do men, they have to wear a shirt over it because they are afraid of their nipples.