10 Famous Items for Winter

winter fashion

Into the end of the year when the wind is cold again, who has any plans to tour Europe ..?! Is another very pleasant time For visiting Europe in winter, as many places will look especially beautiful. In addition, the weather is still cold. Or sometimes there is snow Say that the atmosphere is good. Spectacular, your girlfriend goes to the extreme. Or you can go out with your family And in this cold weather, who still does not prepare the right clothes for how to dress? Today Mushroom Mushroom Travel has a European winter fashion with 10 popular cold-resistant items to recommend. Let’s go see !!

Before going to see European winter fashions, let’s collect a little information for winter in Europe. Will start from Early December – early March In which the weather is very cold Temperatures range from -2 to 5 degrees Celsius, with some cloudy days and some snow. Including during this time the sun will rise slowly and set quickly Resulting in shorter daytime periods than other seasons Which in addition to the cold weather As the elder mushroom said that many Places in this period will look especially beautiful. That is because it is decorated and decorated with beautiful lights. To match with Christmas and New Year itself. Beautiful as seen in the movie anyway.

Then go see Winter fashion is better. Pee Mushroom has 10 items that should be worn to be chic and cool and also help keep your body warm.

1.Long Coat / Down Jacket

The important things that can not live without time. Winter travel, that is, a sweater. Even if you go on a tour of Europe during very low to negative temperatures, the sweater will save your life as well. If the day is not very cold, I will choose a thick wool long coat. Or lining the fur inside Will help keep warm from the body to the thighs Then put on a 2-3 layers of HEATTECH sweater inside, or if the weather is cold to negative, you should wear it. A down jacket or down jacket that will provide better protection from the cold. It also helps to prevent the wind as well. Who wants to dress to match European winter fashion, Mushroom elder recommends choosing an earth-tone clothing line, such as dark brown, light brown, cream, gray or dark tones like navy and black.

  1. Jacket

On days that are not very cold, anyone who doesn’t like long coats can wear them as a jacket. But recommended to be a winter coat with a fur inside Or as a whole fur Will help to add warmth better Also, don’t forget to wear several layers of innerwear like this, too, and it looks chic and looks great with fashion style.

  1. Long Jon dress

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The longjon is another essential piece of winter wear that keeps you warm. Especially in negative air It is like a bra that is worn before a normal dress. For a longjon set, it is a good winter fabric. Including having a lining inside both shirts and pants I assure you that you will definitely wear Long John in warm.

  1. A sweater

Anyone who wants a cute look, choose to wear it as a sweater or sweater, it is another item. The indispensable winter fashion in Europe. With soft touch Of yarn that keeps us warm Choose from both turtlenecks Or oversize It is recommended that you wear a HEATTECH shirt inside as well.

5.Legging / tights

If the weather is not very cold Wearing thick pants It may feel a bit uncomfortable. Choose a leggings or tights instead. Now there are many styles to choose from. Also, the leggings have beautiful patterns as well.

  1. Beret / Beanie

Coming to the items that help prevent the cold and also help complete our look even better: hats such as chic berets or cute beanie hats. Some people might think it’s just fashion, but it’s really important to keep your head warm as well, and it helps keep out the rain. Or snow too

  1. Scarf

Another important part of your body that should be kept warm is the neck. There is a beautiful scarf in addition to the look. Our European winter fashion looks better now. It also makes you feel more warm But if anyone is worried that the scarf will be too cluttered when traveling Then chose a small piece Or a short fur To have a button attached when wrapped around the neck Will help prevent it from sliding easily

  1. Earmuffs

Many of you may have seen it in K-dramas in the cold time. They will wear ear muffs. Which sometimes thinks that it is just like wearing a fashion or not, but I can tell you that when traveling in a very negative weather. The earmuffs are the most important items. Because the weather is very cold The cold may make us feel so cold that our ears ache anyway. There is an ear cap to assure that it helps a lot.

  1. Gloves

Time in a very cold place Should keep our hands warm all the time With gloves There are both yarn and leather because in cold weather our hands will dry. And felt his hands frozen cold It is difficult to handle anything. For those who are worried that wearing gloves will not be able to touch the mobile screen Now he has a pair of gloves that he wears and can still touch the screen normally. Try to go find and buy together.

  1. Boots

Finish with a pair of boots that, in addition to wearing, look like The winter fashion is also very warm. Especially long boots that cover the knees or thighs Will make our legs more warm It is beautiful and very useful.